Why are boxwood plants heavy?

Boxwood Shop’s plants are grown in fields of sandy loam along the fertile Willamette River in Oregon.
Our goal is to deliver beautiful boxwood plants that are healthy and ready to grow and thrive under your care.

You may ask why are the plants so heavy, the answer is, they come with their own root ball of soil.  This guarantees a healthy plant that when planted will adapt more readily to your conditions.  These are not seedlings; they are mature plants that have been grown by our nursery for up to 10 years.

The root ball is a bonus.

It is important the root ball is deeply saturated with water when receive and after to allow the roots to come out of the ball and get established.  Deep watering does not mean a bucket full, but several and make sure it absorbs to inner part of the ball.  We’ve seen many failures because of the mistake of not watering deeply.  Keep it watered.  A balanced fertilizer of 14.14.14 may be used.  Either granular top dressing or a liquid used when watering.


With your plant order you will receive a card with recommendations of planting and caring for your boxwood topiary.  Save it for future reference.