Topiary is the art of shaping or sculpting plants into unique shapes. offers the largest and finest live boxwood topiary.

Boxwood topiary is a fabulous addition to any garden.  It is proudly displayed in many fine gardens around the world.  Boxwood can be formal, informal (ex, cottage gardens), at entries, parterres, knot gardens, hedges, edges and theme gardens (Asian, Italian, Greek revival, Spanish, French and of course English.

Gardens that are loved, cared for and enjoyed deserve living art, topiary. All are grown in Oregon in natural soil. Once shaped and matured, which takes many years, the plants are then hand dug and placed in a temporary vinyl container.

The variety of boxwood is Buxus sempervirens ‘common boxwood’, slow growing. The leaf is medium size and the color is blue green.   Zones 4-8

Also available, Buxus sempervirens ‘suffruticosa’ dwarf boxwood  Zone5-8. Very slow growing, small round medium green leaf.  Used for hedges and edges. Not available as topiary.

Measurements are made from the soil line to the top of the plant.

When received the plant may be grown in the ground or a pot.  The container size should allow at least 3-4” inches all around inside for root growth.  Planting and care instructions are included with each order.

Be prepared when you receive your live plant.  It may weigh 65 to 80 lbs, shipped ups ground.

Water, deeply when received.  Most important read the care instruction card that is included with your order.  The boxes are custom designed to accommodate the weight and size of these plants.

Inventory is limited and will change according to availability.

No shipping to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska