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Entry to Boxwood Garden


Entering Boxwood Garden

The road to Boxwood Garden

Wonderland of Boxwood

A Wonderland of Boxwood

Welcome to a splendid garden.  This entry leads to a garden that meanders for 3 acres. There are boxwood featured along with many unusual trees and botanical highlights. Boxwood is considered man’s oldest garden ornamental (shrub).  It has been cherished and revered for centuries.  Gardens of times past and  gardens today have boxwood.  It’s simply a must for any fine garden.  Now there is an opportunity to include it in your garden. A single boxwood topiary can enhance a garden.


Boxwood Shop offers the real thing. Live, natural, beautiful Boxwood topiary.
These are mature plants. We have been growing and shaping them for many years. They are difficult to find. Most retail nurseries do not have them available. Now you can order from Boxwood Shop and have them delivered to your door.

Boxwood Shop Farm

This is where our boxwood is grown.  In the ground first.  Then after many years dug and potted ready for shipment.

Topiary ready for shipping