Boxwood Installation

The life of boxwood depends on proper installation.

For installation follow these instructions below:

Step 1     Preparation of site for  placement of boxwood. Very important.  Good drainage. The area of planting should be well drained.  An accumulation of water on the root ball may cause the roots to rot.  Take steps to make sure soil drains well by adding sandy loam or to your soil.  Prepare the hole to be larger than the root ball, approximately 2.5 – 3″ all around and deep enough to be able to cover the top of the root ball with 1.5 – 2″ of soil.  Avoid removing the top dressing on the soil that the plant has.  This holds water soluble fertilizer, which is beneficial for the health of your plant.  Place the root ball in the hole and water deeply to allow the root ball and the hole to fill with water.  Let it saturate the ball.  Cover with soil and tamp down so it’s firmly stabilized.  Water again.  Let it settle in for a few days and water again.  Leave alone and deeply water again in a week.  The roots need to develop outside the root ball.  As the roots mature they will grow out into your soil.